Wetclocks ,
The innovation of fountain art


Wetclocks‘ is the title of a exclusive and original form of fountain clock, made ​​in Italy. Every fountain clock is a unique vision of art that stimulates the senses, inspires the imagination, and brings to every location that displays one, the paradox of sensing the omnipresent  while witnessing the flow of time in a exceptional and unrepeatable experience.
Created by a team of art, décor and sceneries experts,’ Wetclocks’ originates from a vision to unite design and water in a combination that offers time as a feature to be observed and experienced with fun and pleasure.
Completely customized to any desired location, ‘ Wetclocks’  is creative also because every fountain clock is created,  according to the clients desires and specifications.
Our Wetclocks come in variable sizes, their forms are practical, the colors are changeable, from the basic model as shown on our web site, each element and water jet is customizable, becoming a scenic “ showcase” for advertising. Our imagination has no limit.
Share with us your idea and we will turn it into a game that will transform the experience of ‘time’ into a work of water art and design !!!


An identical Functional WetClock without water, for those situations where water use is not possible, required or ideal


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